All participants who cook off in in the South Africa final taking place 21st June 2022 will receive a certificate of participation

The overall winner of the 2022 National Burger Challenge will receive all of the above as well as a cash prize of R15, 000.

Please note that entries are limited and will not be accepted after 15 June 2022.

Recipe Verification by the Call Centre

  • Recipe verification is done by the GPC Judges from when entries open from Friday, 18th May
  • We will verify personal details, recipe and method with entrants
  • All entrants will be contacted by 16th of June
  • You will be notified via email if you have made it through to the next part of the Competition
  • Validate recipes

How it works – Rules & Regulations

As with any competition, there are some rules, tips and guidelines to follow. Please have a read through the below points before entering and also be sure to take note of our Terms and Conditions. Note that entries are limited and will not be accepted after 15 June, or after the maximum number of entries is received, whichever comes first.

  1. Competitor must bring 4 Burgers minimum weight 150 gr maximum weight 200 gr
  2. Competitor must bring own Breads/Buns/ Pastry/ Wraps etc.
  3. Competitor must bring Sauces and Toppings / garnish or accompaniments for 4 Burgers.
  4. Transport products in plastic containers. Glass containers will not be allowed in the competition area. 
  5. Bring all products in an insulated cooler to maintain cold chain. Products not suitable chilled will result in disqualification. -On site refrigeration will be provided.
  6. You must prepare and cook Burger in competition area and will have 45 minute to prepare and serve the Burgers to the judges
  7. All contestants will be assigned numbers and a drawing will determine order.
  8. Contestants will remove finished Burger from oven/stove and place either on a wooden peel/plate etc. with garnish. The Burger will then be escorted to the judging area by a runner who then will describe their creation. The runner will then cut the Burger and allow each judge to choose a piece.
  9. The judges will grade, score sheets picked up and table cleared, and the judge’s decision is final.
  10. Advice or direction of the competitor (coaxing) either in the preparation area or in the immediate vicinity of the competition stage is not allowed.
  11. The competitor is the only allowed in the preparation area and on the competition stage.
  12. Judges’ decision is final in all matters during the competition.
  13. Competitors will be advised on cooking utensils and equipment by the organisers on acceptance of their recipes for the finals.